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Today is the 6th anniversary of Former Fitness Flunky.  It’s been a great 6 years and I’ve learned so much about fitness, health, wellness, business and myself.


I’ve also learned that my passion for the fitness industry has died.  My desire to help people has not changed, but the way I want to help has veered off-course.  Through my own journey I’ve come to realize that much of the information regarding fitness being pushed on consumers is purely bullshit.  Not that I didn’t know this a long time ago, but I’ve decided I don’t want anything to do with it.

Unfortunately, misinformation has skewed the perceptions of health, wellness and fitness to such proportions that it amazes me that anyone ever gets the facts.  Science and research are left in the dust while sensational nonsense is treated like gospel.  I am so glad that there are fitness pros that stand up to this, but finding those people isn’t always easy.

I implore you to seek out fitness professionals that base their practices on science and fact-based evidence.  Realize that attaining fitness is not a quick or easy process.  It takes time and dedication.  There is no miracle fix.

Thanks for sticking with me for all these years.  I wish you all the best in health and fitness!


P.S. I’ll leave this site up for the remainder of this year.  Please bear in mind that all content is and remains copyright protected 🙂

P.S.S.  Pineapple does not slim and tone your abs…