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RECOVERYbits Review


I received complimentary product to facilitate my review, but all opinions within are my own.


When I was offered a chance to do a RECOVERYbits review I was excited to give them a try.  I previously tried ENERGYbits and really liked them so I was interested to see if I noted any difference in these two products.

recoverybits review

About RECOVERYbits

RECOVERYbits are 100% natural, organic chlorella algae.  They contain 40 vitamins and minerals.  The tablets are 60% protein which I find pretty impressive for a vegan protein source.  They contain no soy, dairy, sugar, gluten or caffeine.  In my opinion, they are pretty perfect from a nutritional standpoint.  Lots of things that are good and pretty much nothing that’s objectionable no matter what diet you follow.   RECOVERYbits are best for recovery, detox , immune system, digestion and anti-aging per the info on the package.

recoverybits review

The Tablets

The package says you can swallow them or chew them.  The package warns they taste “green” if you go the chewing route and I distinctly remember a very green taste when chewing the ENERGYbits.   The little pills even have a green smell too.  Not offensive at all, just clearly very vegetal.  Mown hay maybe?

The Good

  • These little tablets are nutritional powerhouses.  Four grams of protein in just 30 tablets is impressive all by itself.  Consider all the other goodies packed into a small serving and they really become something special.
  • I tried my bits on an empty stomach and had no issues.   I have a very sensitive stomach so this was a big plus.
  • RECOVERYbits are easy to transport.  Whether it’s due to travel or you’re just on the go RECOVERYbits are easy to take with you.  You don’t have to worry about measuring powders or packing liquids, you simply count them out and go.  The tablets are also very sturdy so they aren’t likely to get crushed up when you’re on the move.

The not so Good

  • It’s a lot to swallow.  If you chew them you get smacked in the mouth with a big green flavor, but if you swallow them like the package suggests, one serving is too many to go down at once.  I broke them into stacks of five, but even then that was six swallows to get them all down.  To be honest, around batch 4 or 5 I did gag a bit.  I truly didn’t mind the flavor of the RECOVERYbits, but trying to swallow a copious quantity of tablets wasn’t appealing at all.
  • The price.  I did sample these bits for free, but to buy them through the ENERGYbits website you’ll pay $115 for a bag of 1,000.  At 30 tabs per serving it will cost you roughly $2.80 per serving and you’ll get 33 servings a bag.  The website does point out that the price is comparable to other bars or drinks you might purchase instead and I don’t disagree with that.  You may be getting a lot of nutritional bang for your buck if you can afford it, but RECOVERYbits definitely feel like more of a luxury item than a necessity at that price.

recoverybits review

Overall, I think RECOVERYbits are a great addition you to your routine if you are looking for a boost of nutrients.  I like the idea of using a product that is specifically meant to target recovery.  In my own routine I think I would add them in on an as-needed basis for use after intense workouts or times when my immune system might need a bit of extra support.  I don’t think I got the same boost from these as I remember from the ENERGYbits, but I like that there are different products you can use depending on your specific needs.

If you’d like to try RECOVERYbits or ENERGYbits for yourself checkout using code “BLOG” at www.energybits.com and receive 20% off!

Full disclosure: I was provided with a free sample to do this RECOVERYbits review. The opinions and views presented here are solely my own.

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Alicen Ronan is a Kansas City personal trainer, fitness coach and writer. She has been a certified personal trainer since 2009 when she decided that she wanted to help others make positive lifestyle changes. She is available for personal training and fitness coaching 7 days a week both in the Kansas City metro and virtually.

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