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12 Days of Fitness Workout


With the holidays upon us it’s time for another 12 Days of Fitness Workout routine. This routine is the perfect quick and easy exercise plan to help you include a little activity each day, even if you’re pressed for time. This workout gradually increases in activity and reps each day, but even day 12 can be completed in less than 15 minutes.


12 Days of Fitness Workout

12 Days of Fitness Workout
Below you’ll find some helpful videos on how to do each exercise if you need a little guidance:
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Wall Sit
Box Jump
Leg Raise
Donkey Kick

The 12 Days of Fitness Workout can be adapted to fit many skill levels. Exercises can be substituted, progressed or regressed as needed. Rest periods can be added as needed too. Make this workout work for you. And remember, you should check with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

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