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Guest Post: How Obese or Overweight People Can Start an Effective Workout Routine


Today’s article, How Obese or Overweight People Can Start an Effective Workout Routine, was written by guest author Tina Hamilton. If you’d like to contact Tina please check out her social media and contact info at the end of the article.


Starting a new workout routine at any weight has it challenges. However, overweight or obese people have a few other concerns to worry about that may make exercise a little more difficult. These issues can be bad enough to even convince people to stop before they begin.

It is important for everyone to have a normal exercise routine, especially those who have a lot of extra weight to lose. Anyone can use these tips to make working out easier every day. Here are some ways obese or overweight people can start an effective workout routine.

Check with a doctor first

It is essential for anyone starting a new workout routine to first check with their doctor or other healthcare professional to make sure that it is safe for them to embark on an exercise journey. In some cases, it may be necessary for people to lose a bit of weight through diet first to make exercise safe.  Some may even consider consulting with a liposuction doctor, though this would typically be for extreme cases.   Once the OK is given, people can get started towards their healthy lifestyle.

Start out small

Small steps may seem insignificant, especially when a person has a large amount of weight to lose. However, diving in too fast to an extreme routine can set a person up for failure. Starting out with a few simple workouts a couple times a week is the best way to slowly make this new lifestyle habit.

Keep it low impact

High impact moves are a great way to get the heart rate up and lose weight. Even though they are effective, they are not usually safe for an overweight person. Start with low impact modifications to avoid injury and keep working towards the right path to a healthy body.

Consistency is key

Losing weight does not mean just working out and eating healthy for a few days or weeks. Losing weight is a lifelong journey for many people and it will not happen quickly for most. Everyone will need to be consistent with their workouts to see results and make this new routine a habit they will follow for a lifetime.

Take it to the water

Swimming is not only fun and enjoyable for a lot of people, it is also a great workouts that puts little to no impact on the joints. These factors make pool workouts some of the best for beginners to start with. Try a water aerobics class for a fun way to drop the weight.

Keep some variety in the plan

Doing the same workout routine every single day can be extremely boring, but many people who are obese feel like they do not have many options to choose from. Even though there might be limited options, try to switch things up every day. For example, a person can do a water aerobics class one day and go for a walk the next to make exercise interesting and fun.

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Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You also find her on Twitter.